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AirScout - LSA
Digital Map System

AirScout-LSA is an integrated single-block digital map system for supplementary navigation purposes, featuring a 6,5” high contrast active matrix VGA-display and 32-channel GPS-receiver.


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Características Técnicas

- Supply Voltage: 9...32,5VDCt

- Current Consumption: 1.6A @ 14V | 0.8A @ 28 V

- Internal Fuse Protection: 5A

- Operating Temperature: -30...+55°C/+70°C short time

- Storage Temperature: -55...+85°C

- Operating Altitude: < 25’000ft / 7.620 m

- Qualification: DO-160G

Based on professional databases and zoom-able aviation-, topographical- and approach charts in North-up or track-up mode, the pilot is provided with all relevant flight information including dynamic terrain warning, navigational parameters and, if interfaced with TCAS or FLARM, traffic information.
Also, if not certified for primary navigation, this cost-efficient and easy-to-install tool significantly increases situational awareness and flight safety. All functions are intuitively and directly accessible via 10 backlit, high tactile feed-back buttons with functional assignment and status visualization on the display legends.
Flight plans can be filed on the system or being imported from external devices by using the front USB-port, which is dedicated to map uploads and software updates also.
The operational temperature range from -30° to 55°C and DO-160G qualification including extensive resistance to vibration and shock enabling operation of the system also in harsh environmental conditions.
Switching in between metric and imperial units, implementation of customer-specific maps and data bases besides options for software customization supporting efficient utilization of AirScout-LSA at nearly any place on the world.

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