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standalone audio

The Becker AMU6500 i s a standalone audio management unit, which was designed for small rotary and fi xed wing aircraft. A modular and decentralized system design philosophy has been implemented to allow a maximum of fl exibility during the system integration and to ensure optimum performance and reliability during in-fl ight operations.


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Características Técnicas

- Standalone and modular expandable audio management unit

- Low cost solution performing a crystal clear communication and numerous functions based on a 20-years-experience in digital audio technology

- 3D Audio

- Intuitive human machine interface with enhanced usability

- Tailored to the mission and aircraft configuration

- Reduced interwiring effort

- Individually programmable soft keys and functions

The AMU6500 is the fi rst state-of-the-art audio management unit using a display to enable various new functionalities with an enhanced usability. It is an interactive approach to modern cockpit designs offering a big range of personal configurations.
The crystal clear communication is based on a 20-year experience in digital audio management. The individually programmable soft keys and functions can be tailored to the mission and aircraft configuration.
By combining the display and system architecture, the AMU increases the possibilities of intercom and multicast functions. New functionalities like 3d improve the fl ight awareness signifi cantly.
Modern connectivity like Bluetooth and USB are integrated as well. The AMU6500 will be certifi ed according ETSO-C139a, DO-214A, DO178C Level C, DO-254 level C and DO-160G.

AMU 6500

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