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High perfomance emergency signal decoder, providing rescue crews and first responders with highly accurate GPS position information of aircraft in distress. Available in panel mount or portable versions.


 Folder BD-PBD406
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Características Técnicas

- Direct navigation mode toward the position of the distress beacon

- Complimentary solution to existing homing systems
without 406 MHz detection capability

- Portable or panel mount 2 ¼ inch design

- Highly sensitive decoder to receive distress signals
over long distances and in adverse conditions

- Displays the exact position and identity of the beacon

- Optional for use as a SAR monitoring system
for airport services

The BD406 is a high-performance monitoring device that receives and decodes signals transmitted by emergency radios (ELTs for aviation use, EPIRBs for maritime use, and PLBs for personal use) during distress situations.

The BD406 is intended for immediate and direct detection of distress messages (transmitted on 406 MHz). The BD406 decodes the positions of radio beacons contained in the transmitted message and shows its relative position.

The PBD406 is the portable version of the BD406.

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