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Robust, cost-effective and ADS-B compliant, the BXT6500 transponder series combines unique customer benefits, such as reduced size and weight, durable housing without ventilation slots or forced cooling, antenna diversity or single antenna configurations, digital interfaces and TCAS compatibility.


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Características Técnicas

- Easy installation thanks to backshell and mounting tray

- Easy replacement with external memory module for configuration data

- Smooth design, no ventilation slots, no forced convection, light weight (≤ 1.6 kg)

- Future-ready with standard interfaces (e.g. ARINC 429)

- Quick and easy configuration of interfaces

- Field Loadable Software (FLS) for quick and easy system upgrades

- No removal of the device for trouble shooting thanks to USB service interfac

- Maintenance-free design

The Becker Prime Line 6500 series ADS-B Transponder is the latest CNS product design from Becker Avionics. The system responds to the latest ADS-B requirements and the needs of the industry.

The system is designed for fixed and rotary wing applications and offers many integrated features with less weight and less space. Provided with standard ARINC 429 interfaces it can be easily part of an integrated avionics system. Simple and durable installation completes the BXT6500 transponder. In addition, it can connect to the ARINC 718-compatible control head of your choice.

The BXT6500 can be controlled by a glass cockpit, control unit, dedicated integrated radio tuning units or a Flight Management System (FMS).

The BXT6500 is a remote controlled transponder that combines modern processor technology with the reliability and quality of Becker products. It is designed for installation in the avionics compartment. The equipment provides reply to air traffic control surveillance interrogation including compliant ADS-B Extended Squitter messages (ES) and supports TCAS coupling. Further the BXT6500 meets the requirements for Mode S Enhanced Surveillance (EHS) and provides Downlink of Aircraft Parameters (DAPs). Its smooth surface, without ventilation slots, saves space, increases the product’s reliability and makes installations more flexible.

The dedicated mounting equipment offers a well suited solution for flexible integrations in various types of aircraft.

The antenna diversity (top & bottom) reduces antenna shading and helps to prevent loss of target tracking in all situations.

Single antenna versions are also provided.

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