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HThe DF6500 is the latest SEARCH AND RESCUE DIRECTION FINDER (SAR DF) product supplied by Becker Avionics. The system responds to latest SAR DF requirements , needs of the aviation industry and of SAR organizations. The DF6500 is a homing device that indicates a direction to any AM, FM or PM radio emission source in a frequency range from 100 MHz to 512 MHz.


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Características Técnicas

- Frequency range from 100 MHz to 512MHz

- Freq. spacing from 118 to 136.990: 8.33 kHz, otherwise 25 kHz

- 8 frequencies sequentially trackable (4 user settable and 4 guard frequencies)

- Bearable modulation: A3A, A3E, F3E, A2X, G1D, COSPAS-SARSAT

- External antenna port for increased sensitivity in listening mode (audio reception)

- Maximum flight altitude: 10 700 m (35 104 ft)

- Low operating temperature -60°C (antenna)

- Interfaces: bi-directional ARINC 429 and RS422, ARINC 743 Input (GNSS data)

- Option: protocol customisation for RS422 and / or ARINC 429

The unit has been designed for harsh environmental conditions, thus making of the DF6500 one of the most reliable homing system for SAR aircrafts. The device is capable of locating and decoding any type of COSPAS-SARSAT type approved emergency beacon.
The DF6500 is composed of two line replaceable units (LRUs): the AN6500 antenna and the CU6500 control unit.
The DF6500 can operate stand alone or remotely controlled by an aircraft flight computer (*).
A BITE features allows for a complete system check at power on (PBIT) and during operation (CBIT). An enhanced BITE can be initiated by the user (IBIT) at any time for a full confidence check.
(*) Integrations and interface customization shall be discussed in detail prior to any commitment.

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