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GK615 & GK616

Compact and robust, the GK615 and 616 portable VHF radios offer a smart and easy solution for mobile and backup communications for airport authorities and air traffic services. Available in several RF power output variants with assorted accessories.


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Características Técnicas

- Reduced size

- Low weight

- Robust and field-proven design

- No forced cooling

- No ventilation slots

- Maintenance-free
on the front panel

- User-friendly HMI
for low power variants)

- Large, clear and dazzle-free LCD display

- Extensive setup possibilities

Air traffic services require efficient, reliable and user friendly communication equipment.

Assembled with quality-proven components, engineered with state-of-the-art technology and driven with a customer-centric philosophy, our radio-communications solutions are meant to be flexible and scalable.

Designed for operations at airfields and airports in a very demanding environment, the GK615 and GK616 portable VHF stations offer latest technology and support all frequency channels in the aeronautical frequency range, adjustable in 25 kHz and 8,33 kHz steps.

The user friendly operator menu and the extensive setup possibilities allow a very personal setup for the user. The large, clear and dazzle-free LC display shows the active frequency and either the standby frequency or memory channel.

With an output power of 6W or 10W, the transmitter is strong enough for medium range communications, ensuring a low cost of ownership for the customer. The robust aluminium case includes dry-lead–acid battery technology, charging can be easily accessed via a socket located on the front panel.

The GK615 and GK616 transceivers are also available with an EASA/FAA certified aircraft radio, ideally suited for hot air balloons or as emergency aircraft radios.

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