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The IC6100 intercom amplifier is a very important member of the latest state of the art Digital Audio Selector and Intercom System DVCS6100 from Becker Avionics. The new IC6100 was designed to satisfy demanding environments. Becker’s digital intercoms are high quality, rugged, compact systems with many of the features found in larger commercial / military aircrafts and helicopters delivering crisp and clear audio communication.


 Folder IC6100
 Folder Aviação Comercial e Executiva

Características Técnicas

The IC6100 can handle and allows control of:

- Up to 6 fixed direct channels

- Up to 12 Headsets (PAX)

- 2 voice recorder outputs (CVR

- Up to 8 alert tones with discrete activation

- ANFTM (Active Noise Filtering) technology inside

- Music muting (automatic during all transmissions and/or during ICS activity), after completion of transmission the music will gradually return to the preset level.

The IC6100 is composed of:

- One Intercom Amplifier for up to 12 passengers

- One EM6100-(000) External Memory Module

- CSW6100-2 Configuration Software Tool

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