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Self-contained, reliable and field-proven.The MKR3300 Marker Receiver detects ILS beacons as well as airway marker beacons for VFR and IFR operations on rotary and fixed wing aircraft.


 Folder Aviação Comercial & Executiva

Características Técnicas

- Compact and lightweight

- Low installation effort

- Ideal to complete Glass cockpit installations<

- Analogue output

- Fulfill IFR requirements

- EASA Certified

The MKR3300 Marker Receiver receives and converts marker signals (Outer, middle and inner ILS beacons as well as airway marker beacons) transmitted on the fixed frequency of 75 MHz

The unit is designed as a self-contained plug-in receiver. It is controlled by an open collector output with marker indicator lamps separately mounted in the panel or by EFIS systems. The HI/LO switch provides the receiver threshold to support IFR installations.

The unit responds to the latest EASA requirements and the needs of the industry.

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