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Covering the standard and extended airband frequency range, the RT6512 VHF transceiver covers multiple operational applications. It provides RS422 and ARINC 429 connectivity and the robust housing, free of any ventilation slots and forced cooling, is optimized for the harshest mission environments.


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Características Técnicas

- Low weight and reduced size

- Maintenance-free

- No forced cooling

- No ventilation slots

- Overheat protection

- Dedicated control unit available (RCU6512)

- Operating altitude: 50,000 ft

- Channel spacing: 25 and 8.33 kHz

- Standard communication interfaces:

  ARINC 429 (standard))

  VRS422 (Becker proprietary)

- Frequency range:

- Standard 118.000 -136.9916 MHz

- Extended 118.000 -155.975 MHz

- Emergency mode (option)

- LEDs for device status indication

- EASA,FCC certified

The RT6512 Remote Controlled VHF Radio is the latest CNS product innovation from Becker Avionics, intended to respond to the latest regulation requirements.

Designed for both, fixed wing and rotary wing applications, the product will allow operators to fly in regulated airspaces with more integrated functions but less weight.

The radio is intended for installations as part of integrated avionics systems featuring standard ARINC 429 data bus. Becker Avionics units may be controlled through dedicated control units, integrated Radio Tuning units and through FMS.

Designed for installation in the avionics compartment, the compact and ruggedized design of the RT6512 radio offers a well suited solution for a wide range of aircraft types.

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